Ankara, Turkey

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Ankara Turkey
Like Washington, Brasilia, or Canberra, Ankara is the capital but not the first city in Turkey. The city’s modernity surprises those arriving from its primitive countryside. Pleasant and less touristic than Istanbul, Ankara has a handful of interesting sights and tremendous museums. It’s also a transportation hub for travel east and south, and home to all the embassies in Turkey. Atatürk Bulvari is the city’s main north-south boulevard, the boulevard lead to ULUS, the older section of town. Near the southern end of the citadel that dominates the old town, you’ll find the fantastic Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the museum is one of the best in Turkey and it makes Ankara worthwhile to visit. The setting is unique, a restored Ottoman han and a covered bazaar, houses a collection of artefacts that trace the history of Anatolia from the dawn of time. While in the area, stroll through the bazar, the town-within-a-town inside the citadel walls, and the Alâedin Mosque, the oldest mosque in Ankara. Don’t leave Ankara without visiting Anit Kabur, the tomb of Atatürk. Its sheer size and the museum of Atatürk’s personal effects will give you a sense of Turkey’s immense reverence for its national here. The site is in a large park. Other sight in Ankara include the Temple of Augustus, built in 25 B.C.E. over the site of earlier temples to Cybele, an Anatolian fertility god, and to the Phrygian moon god but later converted into a Byzantine church. Nearby are Haci Bazram Mosque, the Ethnography Museum and the old Parliament. Ankara has a lively social scene, great restaurants and award-winning shopping malls, with a great deal of history dating back to the Romans to top it all off. The nation’s capital is the place to eat out in style, go to a club, visit art galleries, museums or explore antiques shops.
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