Cesme, Turkey

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Cesme Turkey
Çeşme is a district and a city of Turkey in the Province of Izmir, which occupies the peninsula of Karaburun (Urla), in front of the Greek island of Chios. The district has 217 km² and 40,700 inhabitants and the city about 27,000 (2006). In 1950 it had 3,706 inhabitants and the district 12,337. It is a tourist center. The nearby thermal station of Ilıcan (Ilidja) or Şifne stands out; Other outstanding places are Altunyunus and Tursite while Çeşmealtı is in the neighboring district of Urla; The most famous beaches of the coast are Çiftlikköy (Çatalazmak), Dalyanköy, Reisdere, Küçükliman, Panşalimanı, Ayayorgi, Kocakarı, Kum, Mavi and Pırlanta. In the city highlights the castle or citadel, originally a Genoese fort. Solimà el Magnífico built a caravan station there in 1528, which is now a hotel. The great Greek church, Ayios Haralambos, dates from the 19th century.
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