Chisinau, Moldova

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Chisinau Moldova
Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is the second smallest of the former Soviet countries. The city stands on 7 hills and it lies on the Bik River. There are lots of parks and gardens around the city, and it is surrounded by rural agricultural lands. Chisinau holds very little attractions for the casual visitor. It was destroyed almost entirely in WWII, and the Soviets had little interest in rebuilding it as a nice city. No, this is not the place for sightseeing, it is more than this, it is a very liveable and lively city. With great drinking and dining opportunities, and a killer nightlife, the city never lost its cosmopolitan soul or charm. The city has a cathedral which survived the war, the Nativity Cathedral, located at the Cathedral Park in the very centre of the city. In the park, we also find Chisinau’s very own Arc de Triomphe, which is the centre piece of The Great National Assembly Square. The city’s biggest flower market is also located at the park. It is a very bustling market that resembles a Middle East bazaar. At the National Archaeology and History Museum, you can explore Moldova's history. Moldova has lots vineyards, and nearby Chisinau there is the famous Cricova winery. A tour of the large underground wine cellars is an extraordinary experience and there is also an interesting wine collection of wines from all over the world. Despite the lack of interesting sights, Chisinau is a very pleasant place to stroll around and relax for a few days. There may not be impressive monuments or large cathedrals, but one thing is for sure, Chisinau offers visitors broad and long boulevards sided with old trees ideal for a lazy walk, an impressive theatre scene, one of the top ballet companies in Eastern Europe and, last but not least, delicious food. Chisinau is the perfect city break.
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