Budva (Svetti Stefan), Montenegro

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Budva (Svetti Stefan) Montenegro
Budva is a Montenegrin town on theAdriatic Sea and it is the centre of Budva Municipality. The coastal area around Budva, called the Budva riviera, is the center of Montenegrin tourism, known for its well preserved medieval walled city, sandy beaches and diverse nightlife. Budva is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS • Stari Grad (Old Town). The old town of Budva lies on a little island that was linked to the land by a sandbar and in time turned into a peninsula. • Budva Citadel. • Dancing Girl Statue. A statue of a topless girl doing the dancer's pose. Some people say that this is a statue of a young girl who drowned here but others say that this is just an ordinary statue. • Museum of the Town of Budva / Archaeology Museum • Mogren Beach,
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